Festival Access

There are four ticket booths and four entrances to the festival area.

Guests should make their way from Bay Street down to River Street or, for those with vehicles, to the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center where ample parking will be available (parking will be $5).

There will be complete access to historic River Street without having to purchase a ticket. To gain access to the gated festival area (from Rousakis Plaza to Morrell Park) you must purchase a ticket to enter.

River Street Access
Buy tickets at the East Broad Ramp, the Drayton/City Hall Ramp or the Barnard Ramp on River Street. After passing through the ticket booths, proceed across River Street to any festival entrance, which are located roughly parallel to the ticket booths.

If you have pre-purchased tickets on hand, bypass the ticket booths and go straight to any festival entrance.

Savannah International Trade & Convention Center Access
For those parking at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center, the ticket booth is located inside the SITCC, by the rotunda area. The entrance to the festival is through the doors leading out to the SITCC Esplanade. There will be signs and volunteers on site to assist guests with any questions.

Will Call
Will Call will be located at the Drayton/City Hall ramp ticket booth.

Festival Map
View our festival map here.